Full Track List
  1. Reels: The Doon/Boil The Breakfast Early/John Stenson's
  2. March/Jigs: The Battle Of Aughrim/James Kelly's/The High Part Of The Road
  3. Song: Heather On The Moor
  4. Hornpipes: Lad O'Beirnes/The Galway Hornpipe
  5. Song: The King Of Rome
  6. Flings: Russell Daly's/Fling MacGinty's
  7. Slides: The Brosna/Eileen O'Riordan's/Is Maith Le Nóra É (Nora Likes It)
  8. Reels: Ah Surely !/The New Demesne
  9. Song: The Scholar
  10. Slow Air/Jigs: The Turf Man From Ardee/Andy McGann's/The Liverpool
  11. Reels: Tadgh Casey's/The Oak Tree/The Concertina

The One-Horned Cow

Full Track List
  1. Jigs: Millpond, Cornelius's Big Balloon, Tailor's Thimble
  2. The Trooper
  3. Barn Dances: Weren't Any Men In The World, James Gannon's
  4. Reels: Bill Dennehy's, Doherty's, The One Horned Cow
  5. Whiskey In The Jar
  6. Slides: The Galen, The Hills Of Glenorchie, Mick Duggan's
  7. Jack Haggerty
  8. Air: The Banks Of The Suir
  9. Jigs: Little Black Pig, Grainne's, Little House Under The Hill
  10. Reels: Colonel McBain's, O'Mahoney's
  11. The Bonnie Irish Maid
  12. Reels: Charlie Harris', The Bank Of Ireland, Twomey's #9